Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Tangle in Paris

After a relaxing, accordian-serenaded run to the airport on Friday in which I realized I was about 25 hours early for my flight  (“What!? You say the 15th is tomorrow!?”) it was back in to Paris for one more night of fun with French people.  This impromptu extension turned out awesomely, with Chawki and Florian backing up with another massive performance.

The call was made for cheap and cheerful eats in a bistro in Monmarcht, the gay and Jewish quarter (not necessarily in that order) of Paris. Miyuki, a friend form Tokyo blew my mind by randomly sitting at the next table. Small world. Florian’s family-made Pinot was smuggled in and went down a treat, as you can see.

A lovely drop. The fact that you can't see anyone's full face was because we were breaking the law bringing this bottle into a resaurant, and had nothing to do with dodgy half-arsed photography. 

Miyuki!  Fancy meeting you here...

Front row dinner seats to an impromptu Priscilla in Paris. 

Gay Jews were followed up with some heavy metal (naturally!) and it was off to a metal bar.  Many drinks and goat horns later, as well as a minimum of sleep, and this time it was a groggy sprint back to the airport (left Paris 40 minutes before my flight was due to depart, thank god for budget airlines that never leave on time). And all of a sudden I was on my way to Barcelona on a solo mission…

Goodbye Paris...

Hello Barcelona! (Seriously, how good is this city!!)


  1. Any chance of a bullfight viewing? Death in the afternoon and all that. Enjoy Spain mate

  2. Nearly got assaulted in Barcelona when I took a photo of some practice bullfighting. Still have it somewhere.