Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Cruising, when things go according to plan, is all about moments of exhilaration wedged into long periods of relaxing free time. That’s the main reason why sailors have fancy knots, because they have all day to practice tying them. Furthermore, the more complicated knots you know, the higher your rating on the ‘seadog index’.  So without further ado, let me get me knots out!

Clove hitch with two half hitches. If you can’t tie this, you suck.

The bowline. The quintessential knot for tying stuff that you want to keep. Dinghys,  bottles of special reserve, Spanish girls etc. etc.

Rapala knot.  The ultimate for tying a lure onto a fishing line. When used in conjunction with the Rapala Magnum Deepdiverä the fish pretty much just jump onto your BBQ.

Fisherman’s tie. Can’t get better than this for joining two lines/ropes together. Very effective but too small to impress people from a distance.

The hangman’s noose.  Mutinous seamen/drunk Frenchmen beware!

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